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Old man smoking. Sepia portrait on paper, 24x32 cm

Old man smoking

Portrait of an old man, smoking a cigarette, white hair floating around his head and squinting to better see through his smoke. Sanguine on paper, 24×32 cm

30 Faces Series: Face #1, a cheerful bearded man. Oils on gessoed paper, 16x24 cm


#1 in the “30 Faces” series – a personal challenge. A cheerful bearded man, with bright blue eyes under a fedora hat and a little smile hidden under his mustache. Oils on heavy paper primed with gesso, 16×24 cm.

The sax player, charcoal and white chalk on brown toned paper, 24x32 cm

The sax player

The sax player, a man with wire framed eyeglasses and a trimmed white beard playing a jazz song on the saxophone. Charcoal and white chalk on brown toned paper, 24×32 cm