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Romanian traditional thatched house, exhibit from the Village Museum "Astra" from Sibiu, Romania. Pen and ink sketch.

Romanian traditional thatched house

Romanian traditional thatched house, now on display at the Village Museum “Astra” in Sibiu, Romania Pen & ink drawing in my sketchbook

The thatched house - pen and ink sketch

The thatched house

A rural landscape, with a traditional thatched house surrounded by trees, with a wooden fence and a dirt road passing nearby. Pen and ink sketch, 33 x 22.5 cm.

Abandoned house overgrown with weeds - watercolors on paper, A4

Abandoned house

Abandoned house overgrown with weeds Watercolors on paper, A4

Country lane with a water well - acrylics on paper

The water well

A sunny country lane with a water well and a path leading in the mysterious depths of the grove. Acrylics on paper.