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Medieval tunnel in Sibiu, Romania. Oils on canvas panel, 40x40 cm

Medieval tunnel in Sibiu, Romania

Medieval tunnel in Sibiu, Romania. Sibiu, one of the most important cities in Transilvania (Sieberbürger) has a very well preserved medieval core, with fortifications, towers and other historical buildings. Tunnels and narrow passageways link streets of one another and invite tourists to navigate through the old town. Oils on canvas […]

Strada Cetății, Sibiu, România on a winter night under the snow. Watercolors, 24x32 cm.

Strada Cetății, Sibiu, România

Designated “The most beautiful street of Sibiu”, Strada Cetății (the Fortress Street) displays medieval architecture, fortifications and a real bronze cannon. Here it is shown in a winter night, under the snow. Watercolors on paper, 24×32 cm.