Tag: stone wall

The cabin in the woods, surrounded by a small stone wall among trees with green and golden leaves. Acrylics on gessoed paper, 16x24 cm

The cabin in the woods

An old cabin in the woods, surrounded by a small wall made of stones. Acrylics on paper, 16×24 cm

The garden door, acrylics on gessoed heavy paper, 16x24 cm

The garden door

A wooden door in a stone wall, leading to the secret garden and its charming flowers. Acrylics on heavy paper primed with gesso.

A Tuscany rural landscape, oils on stretched canvas, 40x30 cm

Rural landscape

A Tuscan rural landscape, with a stone arch, plenty of flowers planted in big clay jars, a cobbled alley and sunny hills in the distance. Oils on stretched canvas, 40×30 cm.