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A vintage Dutch washerwoman. Oils on stretched canvas, 40x50 cm. Every day scenes by Manu Fine Art

A vintage washerwoman

A vintage Dutch washerwoman, painted after this preliminary sketch. Now she is depicted in her backyard, on a cobbled area, with her zinc washing tub and her manual wringing machine, her cans and her ladles. She has been busy, the clothes she has already done are hung on several clotheslines […]

Vintage Dutch washerwoman, a preliminary sketch for an oil painting. Graphite pencils on Bristol paper, size A4

Washerwoman sketch

Preliminary sketch of a Dutch washerwoman in traditional clothes, for a future oil painting. She is doing manual laundry washing in a zinc tub, surrounded with clear water cans. A manual wringing machine is placed before her. Graphite pencils on Bristol paper, size A4.