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Lindisfarne Castle - a line-and-wash approach of a UK picturesque landmark. Ink and watercolor on paper, 20x20 cm

Lindisfarne Castle

A line-and-wash approach of a UK picturesque landmark, the XVI century Lindisfarne Castle from Northumberland, England. Based on a photo by Georgiana Fry. Ink and watercolor in my sketchbook, 20×20 cm

Strada Cetății, Sibiu, România on a winter night under the snow. Watercolors, 24x32 cm.

Strada Cetății, Sibiu, România

Designated “The most beautiful street of Sibiu”, Strada Cetății (the Fortress Street) displays medieval architecture, fortifications and a real bronze cannon. Here it is shown in a winter night, under the snow. Watercolors on paper, 24×32 cm.